Customer Support FAQ's

I need to download DermTRAC® again.
You will need to find the email that was sent to you initially when you purchased your subscription. If you have lost that email, please contact us by phone at (800) 755-9005.


Where is my prescription?
Mac and PC users must use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view DermTRAC® Treatment Plans. You need to click on the paperclip icon to view the attachments. Simply click on the link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader:


How do I uninstall and/or reinstall DermTRAC®?
Follow Apple OS instructions on how to uninstall an application. If you need assistance, please contact us by phone at (800) 755-9005.


My credit card expired and/or is no longer valid.
Please contact us at (800) 755-9005 or simply visit your dermatologist's web site and purchase a new subscription. Your current Patient Code will remain the same.


How do I update my personal information and preferred pharmacy.
Simply launch DermTRAC® and use the Account button to modify or change any patient information, guardian information, pharmacy information, emergency information, and/or your medical history.


What if I misplaced or have forgoten my Patient Code?
Please contact your DermTRAC® Provider (dermatologist) and they will be happy to assist you.


I want to cancel or change my subscription.

You may cancel your DermTRAC® Subscription at any time after your initial registration. To cancel or temporarily suspend your monthly subscription, you may call (800) 755-9005 or complete the Cancel/Change Subscription link below before the expiration of your then-current monthly subscription term to enable us to process your cancellation request.

If we receive your cancellation request after such time, your subscription will end on the next monthly subscription term. If you cancel and then desire to reactivate your monthly subscription, you will be required to pay a reactivation fee of $29.95.

If a refund is granted, it is performed instantly. However it may take 5 days for your bank to process the refund (with some banks this can take up to a week).


I am not receiving an email from my doctor.

Please check your junk mail folder or sometimes referred to as your junk/spam folder. You will want to make sure that your junk/spam filter is not blocking emails from your dermatologist.


How do I replace my photo board if it is damaged or lost?
If you damage or lose your photo board you will have to purchase a new one. You can buy one at your local stationary store e.g. Office Depot®, Staples®, etc. Make sure you purchase a 36" tall x 48" wide BLACK poster board.

Installing DermTRAC®

Follow these basic instructions:




Have your 10-digit Patient Code ready. This was given to you at the DermTRAC® Seminar & Screening or office visit. If you have lost or misplaced it, please contact your dermatologist to obtain it.




Visit your dermatologist's web site to access the DermTRAC® Subscription Form.




After you purchase a subscription, You will receive an email with instructions on how to install DermTRAC® on your computer.




If your computer does not have Adobe Reader insatalled, Please visit the link below to download it for free. Adobe Reader is required to view Treatment Plans. Both Mac and PC users are required download and install it. Download Adobe Reader




The first time you install DermTRAC®, you will need to activate your account. Simply click the "Activate Now" link to complete the form then press OK to login. You must enter the patient’s name and email address you gave at the DermTRAC® Seminar & Screening. You must have an active internet connection to use DermTRAC®.




Read and accept the Terms of Use.




Answer the eligibility questions on every use.




Enter the patient’s information. Enter your preferred pharmacy information. You can always modify or update this information in the future.




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