Join us for a FREE DermTRAC™ Seminar!

In 40 minutes, Dr. Shen and his staff will teach you about melanoma and pre skin cancer, its diagnosis and treatment, and how you can use DermTRAC™ to get follow-up care.¬†Dr. Shen will then meet with you for a free individual screening to see if DermTRAC™ is right for you. Call our office at (951) 526-2044 for more information.

For $99.95* a quarter you receive:

  • Download DermTRAC™ from the Apple App Store
  • Photo kit backdrop
  • Photo/Voice journal to track your progress at home
  • Treatment plan and prescription within 48 hours
  * One area treated per quarter

Does insurance cover DermTRAC™?

Insurance does not pay for your subscription. Compare DermTRAC™ with out-of-pocket medical expenses for dermatological conditions will find our price to be lower.

Your card will be charged every month for your subscription and you can cancel at any time. If you wish to be seen in person for dermatological conditions, the visit fee for DermTRAC™ members is the doctor's cash price minus the monthly subscription fee.

All major credit cards are accepted. The patient's credit card is charged every month. Patients may cancel at any time.

We do not accept FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) cards for payment.